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Jewelers Las Vegas, NV

When looking for a diamond retailer in Las Vegas, look no further than the Jewelers Las Vegas, NV store in the Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes.
Most noted for its “Flawless Collection”, Jewelers Las Vegas, NV is proud to offer certified GIA & AGS stones of all colors and clarities with an extra emphasis on the very rare “flawless stones”, meaning perfect stones without any inclusions. Jewelers Las Vegas, NV, located in Las Vegas at the Venetian hotel, is proud to sell an array of diamond stones and can design your ring in gold or platinum.


Key to Diamond Quality

To establish a diamond’s quality, jewelers examine each of the 4Cs — cut, clarity, carat weight, and color. The combination of the 4Cs determines the value of a particular diamond. For example, a colorless diamond is at the top Diamond Quality. But if it lacks clarity, is small, or not well cut, it will be of a lower value. The finest stones possess the rarest quality in each of the 4Cs and are the most valuable. Jewelry store and diamond showroom in Las Vegas
Strive for a stone that offers the best combination of the 4Cs. Ultimately, you’ll discover the unique combination of the 4Cs that makes a particular diamond the right choice for you. Its beauty and brilliance will capture the true sentiment of the occasion.


The Better Cut a Diamond, the More Brilliant
A well-cut or faceted diamond, regardless of its shape, scintillates with fire and light — offering the greatest brilliance and value. While nature determines a diamond’s clarity, carat weight, and color, the hand of a master craftsman is necessary to release its fire, sparkle, and beauty. When a diamond is cut to good proportions, the light will reflect from one mirror-like facet to another and disperse through the top of the stone, resulting in a display of brilliance and fire. Diamonds that are cut too deep or too shallow lose light that spills through the side or bottom. As a result, poorly cut stones will be less brilliant and beautiful — and certainly less valuable — than well-cut diamonds higher in Diamond Quality.


The Purer a Diamond, the More Brilliant
The greater a diamond’s clarity, the more brilliant, valuable, and rare it is — and the higher it is in Diamond Quality. Virtually all-natural diamonds contain identifying characteristics, yet many are invisible to the naked eye. Under the scrutiny of a jeweler’s 10x-magnifying loupe or microscope, natural phenomena — called inclusions — may be seen. These are nature’s birthmarks, and they may look like tiny crystals, clouds, or feathers. Diamonds categorized as internally flawless reveal no such inclusions. Flawless stones are at the peak of the Diamond Quality Pyramid and are treasured for their rarity and beauty. Diamonds with very, very small inclusions are graded as VVS1 or VVS2. The larger the inclusion, the lower the grade, and the less rare the diamond. Inclusions that can be seen with the naked eye are graded I1 or I3. The number, color, type, size, and position of surface and internal birthmarks affect a diamond’s value. Major inclusions can interfere with the path of light that travels through a diamond, diminishing its brilliance and sparkle and therefore its value.
diamond clarity


The Larger a Diamond, the Rarer.
Larger diamonds are found relatively infrequently in nature, which places them at the rarest level of Diamond Quality. What also makes a bigger diamond so desirable is that it shows off a stone’s fine color and cut, and therefore its brilliance, to its best advantage. A diamond’s size is measured in carat weight, and each carat is equal to 100 points. A .75-carat diamond is the same as a 75-point diamond or a 3/4-carat stone. While larger diamonds are highly prized, diamonds of equal size may vary widely in value and brilliance, depending on their qualities of clarity, cut, and color.


The Purer the Color in a Diamond, the Rarer.
Diamonds are graded by color, starting at D and continuing through the alphabet. Truly colorless stones, graded D, treasured for their rarity and value, are highest in Diamond Quality. While many diamonds appear colorless, they may actually have subtle yellow or brown tones and these color grades include P and Q. Although still beautiful, they will be less rare and therefore less valuable. To appreciate the simple beauty of each individual stone, you should compare diamonds side by side with a jeweler.


Our Las Vegas jewelry store proudly boasts the finest collection of diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and Italian jewelry.
When searching for the most stunning collection of jewelry on the Las Vegas Strip, look no further than Jewelers Las Vegas, NV. While our name means House of Gold, expect to find much more than gold in our house. We offer a wide selection of hand-crafted gold, silver, platinum, pearl, and white gold necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets fitted with precious stones ranging from diamonds to rubies to emeralds to sapphires. Looking to buy a diamond engagement ring in Las Vegas or how about some fine Italian jewelry? Look no further than Jewelers Las Vegas, NV. Our designer jewelry collection includes pieces by Marco Bicego, Charles Krypell, Wellendorff, Aaron Basha, Hidalgo, Prana Gioia, Chimento, Pianegonda, and Oliva. Our jewelry store also offers a Charriol & Damiani boutique.


We carry an extraordinary collection of fine name-brand watches at our Las Vegas jewelry store located on the Grand Canal Shoppes level at the Venetian hotel and casino.
Are you looking to buy a name-brand watch during your next vacation in Las Vegas? Then look no further than Jewelers Las Vegas, NV. Our fine jewelry store carries timepiece manufacturers including Omega, Tag Heuer, Ebel, IceLink, Ritmo Mundo, and Charriol.


Our Las Vegas jewelry store showcases a variety of hard-to-find, one-of-a-kind limited edition watches, and timepieces.
Eloquently illustrating the art of jewelry and mechanical feats, Corum’s Golden Bridge has reached towering heights of achievement.
Four sapphire crystals allow an unobstructed view of the minutely detailed linear workings. The 18kt gold bridges, finely hand engraved with delicate scrolling patterns, appear to be suspended in space. They are entirely hand-made and assembled by Switzerland’s premier watchmakers. The new Golden Bridge is truly a collector’s treasure.
Golden Bridge 18kt White Gold
32 x 37 mm
18kt white gold mechanical movement (manual winding)
40-hour power reserve
18kt white gold case
18kt white gold link bracelet or genuine crocodile leather strap
Golden Bridge 18kt Yellow Gold and Diamonds
32 x 37 mm
18kt yellow gold mechanical movement (manual winding)
40-hour power reserve
18kt yellow gold case set with diamonds
18kt yellow gold link bracelet or genuine crocodile leather strap
Golden Bridge 18kt White Gold
Golden Bridge 18kt Yellow Gold and Diamonds
Dubey & Schaldenbrand 60th Anniversary Treasure Chest of Six Watches
Specially created for the 60th anniversary of Dubey & Schaldenbrand, a treasure chest containing 6 watches, all typical of the collection… the Aerochrono, Aquadyn, Astro, Date, Duo, and Spiral.
Only 60 of these treasures will be available worldwide.
This handsome chest is handcrafted with a burl elm veneer and inlaid on the base and the lid. Dubey & Schaldenbrand 60th Anniversary Treasure Chest.
TAG Heuer Concept Watches
“As in the automobile industry, the production of concept watches pushes technology and style to the extreme, testing TAG Heuer’s capacity to project upscale watchmaking into the future.”
-Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO, TAG Heuer.
Avant-Garde Daringness in motion: The TAG Heuer “Calibre 360” Concept Chronograph: The first-ever 1/100th of a second mechanical wrist chronograph
MONACO Sixty Nine – TAG Heuer reinvents its icon; TAG Heuer, the inspiration of modern invention
Dream Machines: the SLR Chronograph by TAG Heuer and The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
The TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Concept Watch

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Our jewelry store in Las Vegas offers Orbita watch winders for watches and Kathrine Baumann haute couture minaudieres and miniature purse accessories.

Watch winders available at Jewelers Las Vegas, NV in Las Vegas
Orbita watch winders ORBITA has become the world’s largest producer of fine watch winders for both manual and automatic watches. Now produced in both the USA and Europe, Orbita watch winders offers a multitude of winder models encased in elegant hardwood or leather cases to keep virtually any watch fully wound when unworn… without any chance of over-winding. Orbita watch winders are available for winding single or multiple watches, currently up to as many as forty (40) watches at a time. Many Orbita watch winders also incorporate built-in lockable drawers for an additional watch or personal jewelry storage.

Jewelers Las Vegas, NV, located in Las Vegas at the Venetian hotel, is an authorized dealer for Orbita watch winders. Jewelers Las Vegas, NV is proud to offer a wide variety of Orbita winders. Orbita Watchwinder

Miniature purses available at Jewelers Las Vegas, NV store in Las Vegas
Kathrine Baumann bejewled purses Kathrine Baumann is a world renowned designer and manufacturer of haute couture minaudieres (a small purse with miniature purse accessories) and complimentary ladies accessories. Kathrine Baumann has been known for designing and producing exclusive limited edition wearable and displayable art, sought after and worn by discriminating international collectors. Kathrine Baumann’s haute-couture collectibles can be viewed on the arms of celebrated and successful women of the world. American icons are recreated and transformed into pieces of jewelry and wearable art in the form of whimsical pave minaudieres, ladies purse accessories and belt buckles.

Jewelers Las Vegas, NV, located in Las Vegas at the Venetian hotel, is an authorized dealer. Jewelers Las Vegas, NV is proud to offer a wide variety of products at our Las Vegas jewelry store.

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